Founded in 2014, The D5 Group is an Internet Marketing and Creative Agency that provides services in the areas of digital marketing, social media management, and visual content creation. D5 is also an MBE/EDGE Certified business in the State of Ohio.

Mission Statement:
To educate, empower and provide clients with expertise, professionalism and the right product solutions to support their brand digital marketing or visual content strategies.

 Why businesses and non-profits partner with us:

  • A preference for expertise in growing an online presence

  • No time or staff available to manage marketing efforts

  • Developing a social media management plan is a priority

  • A need for professional photography or video production

  • Review or online reputation management services

  • Strategic advertising, brand, or marketing campaigns

Outcomes experienced by our clients:

  1. Profitability

  2. More time to focus on other areas of their business

  3. Growth in brand awareness and audience engagement

  4. Increase foot traffic to their business locations

  5. Improved online presence, and local-focused SEO

  6. Brand, and content consistency

  7. Better understanding of social platform KPI’s