Searching for the perfect guest experience for live events or marketing activations? The AURA Interactive Photo Station is a solution for brands, non-profits, and businesses of all kinds.

AURA offers marketing tools like lead capture, custom branding, online galleries, analytics, and more. For your guests, it’s an unforgettable experience with stunning photo layouts and GIFs.


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Interacting with AURA is so effortless that your guests will have time to take as many photos as they want, with or without an attendant. They will also appreciate the intuitive screen layout and ability to quickly send their photos by email or text message. You’ll love the ability to create a custom branded experience from the start screen to your very own online gallery. Galleries also include the custom #hashtags, as well as options to enable guests to easily share to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter directly from their mobile device.



Make your event amazing! AURA is loaded with all of the features and customizable options you need to do so and to provide a great return on your rental investment including:

• Customizable start screen

• Lead capture to grow your prospect list

• Numerous Analytic options like Zip code, Gender etc.

•Place your branded logo and overlay on any GIF or layout

• Unlimited number of photos and galleries

• Image filters and editing

• Branded online galleries for all photos and GIFs

• Guests send themselves pictures by email or via text message

• You or your guests have the ability to change the photo layout or GIF

• Auto-print capability

• Offline queue mode for when internet isn’t available.