The Office of Community Relations is a department of The D5 Group, LLC. Our Community Relations creates the bridge between The D5 Group, LLC and its host communities of Warren Ohio, and St. Louis Missouri.

To speak with someone in our department, please visit our contact page.

What We Do in the Community

Our focus and decision to partner or provide your organization in-kind services, must fall under one of the following categories:

  1. Youth focused career exploration, and entrepreneurship

  2. G.E.D. and Adult Literacy

  3. Non-Profit or Small Business Branding and Marketing

  4. Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Under these categories, we offer various services in-kind or at a reduced fee for non-profits and small businesses with less than $100k in revenue. We also host low cost or free workshops focused empowerment, branding, marketing or entrepreneurship.

In-Kind or Discount Service Requests

Request for discounted or in-kind services, sponsorship or collaborations must be aligned with our Mission Statement, and cannot be a for-profit initiative.

Discounted or in-kind service are only offered to non-profits or small-businesses with less than a $100,000 operating budget with a small percentage of this amount going to staff overhead. There is no exception to this. Other requirements include:

  • A mandatory meeting with our Director of Community Relations

  • Completion of our IDCS Application

Organizations that have received discounted fees or in-kind service from The D5 Group within two year calendar years are only eligible for a 10% service discount - additional criteria must be met.

Our With Love Initiative

D5 Group Community Outreach

Our With Love Initiative is a once-a-year award that offers strategic and creative services support to a nominated or recommended non-profit organization.

The With Love Initiative provides three to nine months of in-kind service in one of the following areas:

  • Brand awareness

  • Social Media Management

  • Digital or Social Marketing Strategy Development

  • Creative Campaign Development

  • Email Marketing Development or Managed Services

  • Visual Content Creation (Photography, Video or Graphic Design)

  • Educational Workshops

Announcement for the With Love Initiative is primary made via email to our email subscribers. We highly recommend you subscribe to our email newsletter.