AURA Helps Create Memories at Speakeasy Lounge


How do you show customers appreciation? By offering drink and food specials; giveaways; prizes from games like Plinko or Spin the Wheel; and memories to share and print with AURA.

On June 22, 2019, the Speakeasy Lounge, located in downtown Warren, OH, hosted their Customer Appreciation Saturday, and we had the opportunity to put AURA to the test.

Although AURA offers business features like data capture and analytic reporting, the owners opted for guests having the ability to text or email themselves their digital photos. They also had the option for social sharing unlimited prints in less than 10 seconds.

Lighting is great. Easy user experience, and amazing.
— Caitlyn

For those wanting a physical print from the event, AURA made the process quick and easy - take a photograph, push the button, and ten seconds later, Voila.

Attendance for the event was a steadiness of a filled bar and tables, drinks and food served, and people playing games and winning prizes.

The celebration ended at midnight but we kept AURA operating for the staff. After all, they had a busy evening.

Do you have a brand activation or special event? Give us a call to learn how AURA can help with your marketing, and guests experience.



Co-owner of the Speakeasy Lounge wearing an AURA designer T-shirt.

Co-owner of the Speakeasy Lounge wearing an AURA designer T-shirt.